Service Requests

Service Requests are all routine desktop, hardware/software problems, and application support. These types of requests include:

  • Problems associated with your computing hardware (monitors, PC, mouse, printers, etc.)
  • Software issues (both generic and department-specific software applications)
  • Login or security problems
  • Email issues
  • Network connectivity
  • Data feeds
  • Application issues (SharePoint, Payformance, Campus Loan Manager, etc.)
  • Procurement of computing related hardware or software

Web Requests

Web requests are routine edits and maintenance of Division of Finance and Operations websites. Contact your web liaison to submit a web request. These types of requests include:

  • All website content

Special Projects

Special projects are new IT projects or enhancements to existing processes. These types of requests include:

  • Custom application development
  • Implementation of third-party solutions
  • Application integration