Remote Connections

  • Note: The instructions below are for users in the following departments: Budget and Planning, Contract Administration, Logistics, Departmental Accounting Services, Human Resources, Financial Managment Operations, Open Records, Payroll, Purchasing, Student Business Services, and V.P. Office. All other staff should contact their IT support liaison for the appropriate instructions.

  • Windows Remote Desktop – No additional software required. You will need to know your office computer's IP address or name, which you may obtain below. Follow the provided Remote Desktop Instructions.

  • Mac Remote Desktop – Requires Mac OS X or higher. Follow the provided the Remote Desktop Instructions.

  • Remote Terminal Service – Server-hosted desktop environment to access basic Division of Finance services. This connection creates/accesses your own virtual desktop environment inside a server where you can access your shared (H: and J:) drives, email, and basic connectivity functions like FAMIS and BPP. Follow the Terminal Service Instructions.

  • Obtain your IP address – SharePoint site where you can view the IP address of your work computer, which you may use to access your computer via Remote Desktop while away from your office. You must use your office computer to view this website.



Best Practices

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