Computing Policy & Ethics

Computing Policy

Computing equipment and network resources are tools provided by Texas A&M University and the Division of Finance and Operations for its employees to efficiently perform their jobs. This includes all university equipment located both on and off campus. If an application, data, or information is not related to an employee's job duties, it should not be contained on University equipment. By following responsible computing rules, we can keep our Division's computing environment secure, virus-free, and compliant with license agreements and laws. This allows our Division to obtain the maximum benefit from our computing resources.

Use of these resources and facilities requires that individual users act in compliance with University Rules and Division policy. The Division provides users with accounts that permit use of the computing resources and facilities within these rules and policies.

Users must respect the integrity of computing resources and facilities, respect the rights of other users, and comply with all relevant laws (local, state, federal, and international), University Rules, System Regulations, and contractual agreements. The Rules for Responsible Computing at Texas A&M University can be found at

Misuse of University resources results in lost time and resources to the Division of Finance and Operations and Texas A&M University. Failure to fulfill these responsibilities may lead to the cancellation of computer account(s), disciplinary action by the University, and/or referral to legal and law enforcement agencies.

Computing Ethics

The Division IT group needs your help to keep the Divisions' computing environment virus-free and secure! New software and add-ons are available every day that appear to make communication easier, add functionality to your programs, and even change the look and feel of your computer. Unfortunately, with this new wave of software comes the potential for putting your computer security at risk, compromising information, and an open invitation for unwanted e-mail solicitations. Not only does this threaten your computer, but it also puts the Division's computing environment at risk.

If an application, data, or information is not related to an employee's job duties, it should not be contained on University equipment. Retrieving and storing music, videos, and pictures are not an appropriate use of University equipment. Programs not authorized by the Division's computing group should not be installed or run on any of the Division's computers. The Director of each department should approve any exceptions.

Users in the Division of Finance and Operations should adhere to the Division policy, University Rules, and System Regulations. Any questions should be directed to a member of the Division's computing group.

Andy Bland
Executive Director – IT Services